About Us

At OriginClothing, we know that feeling of missing home often strikes without warning, bringing with it a surge of hometown-pride that begs for instant gratification like a Beverly Hills Maltipoo, and that’s why we began the OriginClothing movement in 2005.

Our custom designed hometown clothing will help you shamelessly draw attention to yourself and let all who witness know where the good stuff (that’s you) is made. So whether you’re reminiscing the old school days, or sitting down to a meal your mom used to make,  or perhaps even thinking about that girl or guy that used to do that thing  you like, OriginClothing takes you there.

OriginClothing isn’t just designed for hometown fanboys and girls, it’s for strategic or casual hometown representers as well.  Perhaps you want to impress your in-laws at their local high school’s football game by wearing a t-shirt that clearly proclaims your effervescent and unwavering support for the hometown team — however temporary it may be. You can find just the clothing you need at OriginClothing. It definitely beats getting a solidarity-hometown-tattoo everytime you switch girlfriends (or boyfriends). Trust us, we learned the hard way.

At OriginClothing we celebrate the underlying diversity of the clothing we design. We enjoy discovering the unique perspectives and stories that go along with the places our designs represent. Stay tuned as we continue to grow and bring you fresh ideas from the places we discover on our journey.